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The maritime industry, together with the corresponding supply industry, is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany. For more than thirty years, our translation agency has made it its business to support companies active in this specialised industry in their international business activities by providing foreign language services.

Specialist translation shipbuilding: expert knowledge is in demand

Maritime shipping plays an immensely important role in all world trade. Internationality, globalisation, international cooperation – these terms encompass a growing demand for translations and interpreting services. Profi Fachübersetzungen supports the various sectors of the German and international merchant fleets with quality translations and a reliable interpreting service based on professionalism and experience.

Go ashore with us – on any (linguistic) coast

Our customers include well-known shipyards, engineering offices for shipbuilding, boat builders etc. They all appreciate our reliable service for quality translations. In addition to the high quality standards, our customers rely on the prompt completion of their various translation projects. Due to the urgency associated with the various projects, our fast turnaround service is particularly in demand. The geographical location of our translation agency also speaks for our special know-how in shipbuilding. Two of our branches are located in Hamburg and Bremen. From here, as well as from our network of branches throughout Germany and Europe, we professionally produce high-quality translations in all languages and specialist areas for the container industry as well as for shipping companies and shipyards.

Whether nautical or luxury cruise ship – rely on our know-how

In the fields of shipping and nautical science, new technical, commercial, and legal texts are constantly being created. Our language experts specialise in these and other subject areas. We translate texts on subjects such as navigation, technical equipment, maintenance, operation and monitoring as well as ship technology. In addition to many other languages, translations can be made into English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Shipbuilding translations – all languages, all subject areas

There is a wide range of industries that have developed around the field of shipbuilding. It is therefore good to have a reliable, specialised partner with an overview at your side. Profi Fachübersetzungen provides translations in the fields of marine propulsion systems, diesel engines, delivery documents, rigging, marine turbines, control software, etc..
One premise for the production of a professional translation is an in-depth understanding of the text on the part of the specialist translator with regard to the respective subject matter and terminology. This is the only way to produce high-quality translations in the fields of shipyard technology, nautical science, etc. On this basis, we provide you with specialist translations for yacht building, cruise ships, passenger ships and warships.

Your specialist translation agency for shipbuilding technology

Placing an order for the construction of a ship or the equipping of ships with special technology involves extensive documentation, from tender documents and technical documents to operating and maintenance manuals. Our translation agency provides you with specialist translations on these subjects as well as foreign language services in other subject areas – from one source and under one roof.
– Bills of lading, bills of lading and technical manuals
– Analyses and technical specifications
– Specialist translators for marine technology
– Marine radio
– Inland navigation
– Shipbuilding, nautical engineering, or logistics: We deliver certified specialist translations
Our shipbuilding linguists have in-depth knowledge and technical understanding of mechanical engineering, conceptual design and shipbuilding technology and are therefore predestined for the translation of websites as well as technical documentation, specifications or requirement specifications. For extensive and time-critical projects, we put together a special team of language experts for you, who always go to work with the necessary overview and tact, even under time pressure. Depending on the volume of text, your translation projects can be completed overnight, over the weekend or over public holidays. Please contact us if you need an express translation of safety data sheets, product catalogues, technical instructions, or user manuals.
– Translations for the shipping industry

– Customs declarations

– Navigation, navigation, steering, shipping, nautical science, and navigation

– All types of shipping documents

– Registrations and licences

– ATA and CE documents and technical inspection agency (TÜV) certificates

Our long-standing customers include a large number of shipyards, shipping companies, engineering offices for shipbuilding or ship chandlers. Our project managers have an open ear for your individual concerns in the respective translation project. Of course, you will receive the corresponding offer immediately, so that no valuable project time is lost in time-consuming bureaucracy.

When it goes beyond the written word: interpreting service for the shipping industry

Hardly any company nowadays operates on a purely national level. Rather, especially shipbuilding companies maintain international relationships with customers and suppliers. At the same time, hardly any company wants to conclude a business deal or the corresponding preparatory steps only in writing. Our professional interpreting service is available to you for the necessary communication across language borders. In doing so, we provide you with an optimally suited interpreter for each interpreting project:
• Simultaneous interpreters for training courses and seminars
• Conference interpreter shipbuilding
• Liaison interpreters for nautical meetings
• English simultaneous interpreters for meetings and symposia
• Experienced French conference interpreters in the field of cruise ships
• Interpreters in the field of inland navigation

Specialist translation for shipbuilding, marine technology, and shipping

Due to the “northern lights” among our branches in Hamburg, Bremen, and Hanover, it goes without saying that we are available as a technical translation agency for shipbuilding and the shipping industry for all kinds of technical text translations, interpreting services, proofreading, company training or by preparing expert reports. And since shipbuilding is not only important within the construction of watercraft for seas, but also for inland navigation.
As a translation service provider and supplier of interpreting services in all languages, we can work for companies worldwide. A look at the world’s largest ports shows the range of languages we cover here. In addition to the major seaports, our translation agency also offers translation services for inland shipping. Our network of branches is directly available for the most important inland ports in Germany in terms of their trade volume. Our translation agency has a pool of professional translators who specialise in text translations for the shipping industry. Thanks to our thirty-year history, we can offer specialist text translation and interpreting services for all companies and institutions that are active in any way within the shipping and shipbuilding industries.
The range of foreign language services required for shipbuilding and shipping is fully covered by our specialist translators for shipbuilding, our interpreters specialising in shipping and our proofreaders and language trainers. In the context of shipping, immense quantities of freight can be transported worldwide using container ships and bulk carriers. Here, text types related to all types of ships can be translated.

Drop anchor with a reliable foreign language service provider: Profi Fachübersetzungen