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Legal, medical, and technical translation worldwide

Translations, technical translations and interpreting for all languages in Hanover and the surrounding area. Our native-speaker translators and interpreters have expertise and specific industry knowledge in all specialist fields and subject areas.

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Professional interpreting, specialist translations, editing and proofreading. Qualified interpreters and technical translators with in-depth specialist knowledge and industry expertise. We offer the entire range of services as 24-hour and express translations.

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The production of high-quality specialist translations is one of the main pillars of our company philosophy. Our expertise in foreign languages is particularly evident in Hanover. For example, our language experts specialising in technology are specifically deployed for the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors. Furthermore, the medical and medical technology sectors play an important role. Here we use medical translators, for example in the fields of general medicine, anaesthesiology, neurology, cardiology, and dentistry. The banking and insurance sectors are also important for the business location. Here, our language experts for banking, finance and insurance texts have an extensive field of application.

Business location of Hanover

In an international business location, there is a growing need for specialist text translations carried out by native speakers. We rely on this native speaker principle both in the production of translations and in the field of interpreting (simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreting and consecutive interpreting). In these fast-moving times, where there is constant pressure to meet deadlines, our express service is particularly in demand

Take off with us: specialist text translations for the aerospace industry

Langenhagen Airport places high demands on the foreign language potential of our translation agency, which we meet every day to the satisfaction of our customers. In the field of air transport, we provide specialist translations in the areas of logistics, air cargo and in the broad field of tourism translations (brochures, travel guides). An important part of our service portfolio in relation to the airport is our service for certified translations of certificates, deeds, attestations, testimonials, etc.

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Our satisfied customers in the trade fair city include industrial companies from the tyre industry. Our translation service for automotive suppliers, technical translations for vehicle system manufacturers and the linguistic expertise of our native speakers in the fields of commercial vehicles, construction machinery and cement production are also in demand.

Location for the food industry

We offer a reliable foreign language service in the field of food, food technology and the food industry. Here we take on the translation of labels as well as the translation of specialist texts in the field of nutritional science.

Diverse service landscape – One provider for all foreign languages

A large number of service companies rely on the technical and linguistic expertise of our translation agency. We use professional translators specialising in banking texts, financial texts and insurance texts. Thanks to the in-depth specialist knowledge of our native speakers, translations are produced promptly and, if required, as an express service.

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As a corporate client from individual districts such as Ahlem, Vahrenheide, Lahe, Buchholz or Wülfel, you will be looked after by a friendly and committed team. Companies based in the home of the “world export champion” Germany are internationally active and globally linked. Our translation agency covers all subject areas relevant to international business and trade activities in the fields of economics, technology, medicine and law.

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We specialise in a wide range of fields: general technology, automotive engineering, law (translation of pleadings and statements of defence), medicine and medical technology, finance, business, logistics, marketing, taxation and consulting. Our native speakers produce precise, technically correct translations of specifications (express service for tenders), operating manuals, maintenance manuals, extracts from the commercial register, documents and contracts.

High quality standards


Our competent team serves customers from various industries and offers foreign language services for logistics companies, transport companies, law firms, consulates, authorities as well as banks and insurance companies. Quality in foreign languages – the employees of our translation agency are committed to this maxim. We use qualified, competent specialist translators and native speakers with many years of professional experience, who have completed relevant language studies or an academic career typical of the industry. On this basis, the message of your text will be adequately rendered in any desired target language and with the premise of establishing equivalence between the source text and the German-English translation.

Professional and effective project management

A special certification has attested to our company’s lean processes and procedures. We are regarded as a reliable contact partner for the universities and technical colleges located in Hanover. This is where the fact that, in addition to translations in the combinations of English-Spanish-German or German-English, we offer unusual language combinations such as French-Japanese or Italian-English comes into play. Our quality standards are geared towards the optimum. This leads to high-quality results, be it in subject areas such as event management, media, or press (professional articles, press releases, scientific articles), healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals or broadcasting and film.

Written and spoken word

Hanover is an internationally renowned trade fair location, which leads to a strong demand for foreign language services where the spoken word is in the foreground. For the various trade fairs, congresses, symposia and events, our professional interpreting service is in demand and can be booked for all variants of interpreting: Whispered interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting as well as negotiation and liaison interpreting.

The translation agency in your neighbourhood


Wherever “business” takes place on an international level, our foreign language know-how is in demand: Hildesheim, Bad Oeynhausen or Osnabrück. And if there is an urgent need for interpreting: Our team will look after your project with care and professionalism: in Laatzen, Seelze and Garbsen as well as your requests for the provision of simultaneous interpreters in Wunstorf, Burgdorf, Barsinghausen or Peine. For our customers, the quality orientation of their suppliers is of particular relevance. Sometimes, in addition to technical and linguistic correctness, an additional confirmation of the accuracy of a translation is required. This is where our sworn translators come into play. Contact our team if you are looking for a sworn translator in Springe, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel or Salzgitter.

Our team is happy to support you in all matters relating to foreign languages.