Translation agency ✓ Interpreting service ✓ Hamburg ✓ Certification according to ISO 17100

Translations, technical translations and interpreting in all languages. Our translators and interpreters have expertise and specific industry knowledge in all subject areas.

In 1980, our translation agency was founded in the Hanseatic City. Since then, we have been providing a 24-hour service for translation and interpretation, and generally everything related to languages Located centrally near the main train station, right on the famous Mönckebergstraße, are office can be easily reached should you wish to visit us in person. Our clients, for whom we provide translation and interpreting services, are companies from all sectors including well-known banks, commercial businesses, government agencies and medical facilities. We deliver translations for all the world’s languages, while even covering unusual language combinations and rare languages. We offer the same variety for our portfolio of interpreting.

Hamburg is famous for its internationality, which is due, in part, to its crucial port. But private individuals are also attracted to the city, e.g. to visit one of the many musica.