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Foreign language service for the north

We are pleased to offer our reliable foreign language service for Emden, the largest city in East Frisia. Our translation agency is a sought-after contact in the “far north” of Germany for many companies, institutions, and universities. Northern German companies benefit from our expertise in the fields of shipbuilding and shipyards, among others. At the same time, northern German law firms, clinics, research institutes and companies from a wide range of industries make use of the professional foreign language services of our translation agency.


Your translation project will be carried out by native-speaker translators who specialise in the relevant subject matter Our satisfied customers also include companies from the automotive supply industry, communications technology, mechanical engineering, shipyards, shipping companies, energy and power plants, companies from the food industry etc.

Foreign language service

We translate with the highest degree of linguistic sensitivity and industry expertise. The texts we translate are easy to read – for guests from all over the world. The sights of your city or region are attractively presented in every language. Our translation agency is available for translation projects in all languages and language combinations. Our services in Northern Germany are in demand from a wide range of companies in the service sector, public utilities, city administrations – here, among other things, for the production of certified translations – trade supervisory authorities, chambers of industry and commerce, various federal offices, courts and financial service providers. Legal language service for Northern Germany. Numerous law firms are based in Northern Germany. Our legal translators offer you a reliable and professional translation service. Specific technical language is used in the preparation of legal texts. Our project managers use native speakers for your legal texts, who render the linguistically complex legal matter in the target language in a comprehensible and at the same time detailed manner.

Reliable interpreting service for Emden

The presence of an interpreter is required for a wide variety of occasions. We provide the appropriately linguistically trained specialist staff for your international events – in Emden and throughout Northern Germany.

  • Simultaneous interpreter international conference
  • Interpreters for successful business communication
  • Consecutive interpreter press conference
  • Conference interpreter international conference
  • Escort interpreting Dutch-German


Language service for Wilhelmshaven

For your translation projects from Wilhelmshaven and the surrounding area, we are happy to provide the language expertise of our native-speaker specialist translators. The city of Wilhelmshaven, located on the Jade Bay, is home to numerous companies and institutions. Many companies from the Bremen/Oldenburg metropolitan region are among our satisfied customers.

Certified translation services in boat and shipbuilding

Our specialised interpreters are available to you for all aspects of shipbuilding and shipping. They have many years of professional experience in this field. For your individual translation project, please contact our competent project managers. They will provide you with all the necessary information on price, delivery date, delivery method, etc.

Specialist and generalist in language matters
We are familiar with a wide range of specialist areas

Of course, you can also make use of our certified express service. In addition to technical, medical, and legal translators, we can also provide you with an extensive pool of scientific translators.

Our clientele – a cross-section of the European economy

Our translation agency specialises in the production of technical translations in the fields of business, technology, medicine, and law. The transitions here are fluid, the thematic fields correspondingly complex.
We therefore attach great importance to the regular further training of our specialist translators and interpreters.

Language expertise for Wilhelmshaven and surrounding areas

Our competent staff will be happy to advise you on delivery dates, terms and conditions and the qualifications of the language experts used.


Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hindi, French, Estonian, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Slovenian, Serbian, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Greek, Finnish, English, Amharic, Bulgarian, Farsi, Croatian, Tigrinya, Hungarian, Slovak, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Malay, Latvian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Albanian.

Certified performance standard for Oldenburg

We offer our customers from Oldenburg and the surrounding area high-quality services in the field of translation and interpreting – at a fair price-performance ratio. We have received certification for the quality standard of our project management in accordance with the international ISO standard 17100, which specifies the personnel and technical requirements of the individual work steps in the creation of a specialist translation and the corresponding quality assurance.

Foreign language experts for the university city of Oldenburg

The Oldenburg-based university offers a wide range of study opportunities. Nowadays, research goes hand in hand with a lively international exchange across language borders.
This is where our competent scientific translation service comes in. We are happy to take on your scientific translation projects. In addition to scientific translations, we are also available for technical, economic, financial, legal, and medical translations – including quick translations. Our customers benefit from the fact that we have access to a broad network of translators who specialise in a wide range of specialist subjects, sometimes across disciplines.

Specialist medical language

Clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ surgeries as well as medical research institutions and universities are based in Oldenburg. There are cooperations with similar institutions abroad. We are happy to provide our medical translators to ensure professional communication. Our customers have approached us with a wide variety of medical translation projects over many years of cooperation. When research institutions, universities or clinics produce specialist texts for documentation purposes or plan to publish specific facts, present at congresses or send medical findings to colleagues worldwide, they are happy to turn to our competent medical translation service.
In this way, we make an important contribution to ensuring optimal communication across language borders. For the preparation of your medical translation, we select experienced, competent native speakers who have a perfect command of both the source and target languages.

The spoken word counts here: interpreting services for Oldenburg

In addition to specialising in written translation work, our agency offers a professional and reliable interpreting service. Our interpreters ensure cross-border and cross-language communication at events with international participants.

Contact our competent account managers if your company has a translation or interpreting project in the pipeline.