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Der Übersetzer im Lektorat | Übersetzungslektorat|

Sie sind Sales-Manager eines international agierenden Unternehmens, sind als Einkaufsleiter für einen internationalen Lieferantenstamm zuständig, betreuen als Anwalt Mandanten im In- und Ausland? In diesen und ähnlichen Situationen sprechen Sie möglicherweise sehr gut Englisch, Französisch oder andere Fremdsprachen und kennen die notwendige fremdsprachliche Fachterminologie. Unser professioneller Korrektorat- bzw. Lektoratsservice gibt den von Ihnen verfassten Fachtexten den letzten muttersprachlichen „Schliff“.

Textkorrektur durch Muttersprachler mit Fachkenntnissen

Unsere muttersprachlichen Korrektoren überprüfen Ihren Textentwurf (Schriftsatz, Präsentation, Pressemitteilung etc.) auf Interpunktion, Orthografie und Grammatik, sowie hinsichtlich Vollständigkeit, Schlüssigkeit und Stil. Unsere Korrektoren und Lektoren sind nicht nur Sprachexperten, sondern verfügen in dem jeweiligen Themenfeld über die notwendigen tiefgehenden Fachkenntnisse.

Ihr Fachthema – unsere Spezialisierung

Unser Korrektorat- bzw. Lektoratsservice erstreckt sich auf alle Fachgebiete, wie z. B. Wirtschaft, Recht, Technik, Chemie, Medizin und auf alle Sprachen, u.a. Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Norwegisch, Russisch, Chinesisch, Japanisch etc.

Kleiner Fehler, große Wirkung


You are the sales manager of an international company, you look after an international pool of suppliers as a purchase manager or as a lawyer you look after clients both at home and abroad?

In these and in similar situations, you may well speak very good English, French or another foreign language and you know the necessary technical terminology in the foreign language. Our professional correcting and proof-reading service will give your technical texts their final native speaker’s polish.

Text corrections by native speakers with technical knowledge

Our native speaker revisers will check your text drafts (legal document, presentation, press release, etc.) for punctuation, orthography and grammar as well as with regard to integrity, consistency and style. Our revisers and proof-readers are not only language experts, they also possess the necessary in-depth technical knowledge in the particular subject area.

Your specialist area – our specialisation

Our correcting service covers all specialist areas. For example, we accept correcting assignments in the following fields, to name but some:

We also accept proof-reading assignments in many other fields: proof-reading German Russian microelectronics material, correcting Business Administration texts, specialist texts in philosophy, proof-reading archaeological texts, correcting a German – French Master’s Degree thesis, specialist proof-readers for Dutch, etc. We are available for proof-reading and correcting work in all languages: Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Estonian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, etc.

Small error, major ramifications. It is generally the case when creating texts but especially when translating them into another language, that reading or proof-reading them subsequently for mistakes, constitutes an essential part of the process. Whether dealing with advertising material, brochures, scientific compositions such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree thesis or texts from a wide variety of specialist areas such as technology, business, medicine, construction or law, the work must not contain any mistakes in order to ensure it has the right impact on its readers.

We can offer you the desired result. We work exclusively with qualified technical translators or graduate translators who are happy to take on such assignments – always in their native tongue. We will check the text you have drafted or your translation for spelling or punctuation mistakes as well as generally for integrity and grammar. It is also possible to check that your text is a correct and faithful reproduction of the original as part of the proof-reading process. We will agree all your specifications, suggestions and requests with you in advance, and of course we are always there to support you as a point of contact throughout the project.

As one of the few certified language service providers, we can offer you translations which meet the European DIN EN 15038:2006 standard. The proof-reading associated with this standard is carried out on the basis of the quality standard defined.

Please don’t hesitate – phone us or simply use our enquiry form to send us the text you wish to have corrected or proof-read. We will quickly put together an individual, non-binding quotation for you.

Selection of specialist areas covered by our proof-readers:

Musicology, law, sociology, natural sciences, communication studies, history, English language and literature, business administration, chemistry, economics, politics, dramatic arts, archaeology, philosophy, geology, business economics, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, engineering, theology, psychology, art history, literary science, Romance languages and literature, Slav languages and literature, German language and literature, philology, physics, biology, astronomy, mathematics, biochemistry, ecology, architecture, IT, microelectronics and many other subject areas.

Frequent enquiries for proof-reading include: German English proof-reading of scientific work, English German proof-reading of abstract or summary, correcting Master’s Degree thesis, proof-reading postdoctoral thesis, doctoral thesis, dissertation, degree dissertation, final year project as well as correcting and proof-reading master’s degree or undergraduate thesis. We offer the proof-reading of texts by technically experienced proof-readers in the following languages: English, Croatian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Albanian, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Rumanian, Estonian, Czech, Slovakian, Portuguese, Malay, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Brazilian, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Arabic and Hebrew. Proof-reading by our express translators, checks made in fast-track process.