Many languages – countless language combinations

Not only does our translation agency translate from almost every foreign language into German and vice versa, but our professional translators also take on translations from one foreign language to another. This means that the number of possible language combinations, such as English – Spanish or French – Italian, is almost limitless. Here you can find a small selection of the language combinations we offer.

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    Technical translations German – Chinese

    China is considered to be one of the economically strongest countries in the world alongside USA. It is also Germany’s most important trading partner in the Asian region. The Chinese language represents a major challenge. It is fundamentally different from European languages, both in terms of its sound patterns and its calligraphy. Learning Chinese is therefore an arduous enterprise for an amateur.

    We will be happy to provide the help of our experienced native speakers for your Chinese – German translation projects. Not only do they have the necessary linguistic skills, they can also do justice to cultural and social customs. Our qualified language experts find the right individual tone for the audience the translation is aimed at. As well as having experts for the most common Chinese language, Mandarin, we also have specialist translators who have a command of different Chinese dialects such as Cantonese.

    We are happy to translate texts for you in all technical disciplines whether they be legal or financial in nature, to name but two examples.

    There is no understanding without good communication – and because we know that, we rely on qualified and experienced translators and interpreters. They will translate your texts such as contracts, patent applications, instructions for use and documents, and will do so with or without certification or confirmation. Our translation agency always matches its selection of the technical translator with the specific, individual demands of your project.

    We will be happy to advise you without obligation on all questions regarding your translation project. Visit us in one of our offices or call us on the phone. Confidential treatment of your data and documents is always guaranteed.

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    Quality and Speed hand in hand

    We live in a fast-paced world in which many assignments have to be completed asap. Usually it’s a question of setting priorities – and this frequently happens at the expense of quality. The Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen translation agency offers you a wide-ranging service where you do not have to decide between quality or speed because you will receive translations from qualified technical translators in the shortest possible time. Quality and punctual delivery go hand in hand.

    The multifaceted product portfolio of Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen

    You need a translation from Danish into German at short notice? In that case you should choose the translation service provided by Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen who will guarantee you high-quality translations from experienced technical translators. You can call on experts who can not only translate highly complex medical, legal or technical texts but who also master colloquial documents with aplomb. You would like to translate a promotional brochure or flyer from Danish into German? Our qualified technical translators can also help you with creative advertising copy, providing a solid linguistic foundation for your visions. Our technical translators offer you an extensive service where both private and business correspondence is translated precisely and expeditiously. Translations into Danish from other source languages also form part of the product portfolio of the Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen translation agency.

    Further Danish-German translation services include:
    – Danish-German certified translations
    – Danish-German translations of technical texts from the fields of medicine, technology, law or business
    – Danish-German translation of your website
    … and much more besides.
    If you too don’t want to say “either … or” but expect high quality at short notice, turn to your local translation agency in complete confidentiality – Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen.

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  • Translation English GermanOpen or Close

    English – the world’s number 1 language

    We live in a globalised world in which business and cultural interrelationships are constantly growing. The English language plays a key role in this process by paving the way for international understanding. If you want to communicate competitively, you will be dependent on professional translations.

    The translation service of Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen

    The Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen translation agency supports you with professional language experts who can translate any kind of correspondence or document for you, meeting the highest standards of quality in the process. Whether you need business English for complex contracts or a formal style of writing for private correspondence – our translators offer tailor-made solutions for every conceivable subject area. You have to give a presentation to an English-speaking audience and you’re not sure if you have hit the right note when making your preparations? Here too, we will be happy to help you with the aid of knowledgeable translators who can polish your English by proof-reading your presentation. Our translators come from very different professional backgrounds and they have the expertise to find the perfect contemporary expression for your global communication.

    As well as written communication, the Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen translation agency can also supply experienced interpreters who will facilitate your verbal understanding. Here you have the choice between different types of interpreting such as consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or whispered interpreting.

    Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen also offers you the following translation services:
    • English-German translation of official documents with certification
    • English translations from different source languages
    • English-German website translations

    Armed with the necessary feel for language, our specialist technical translators will translate any type of text for you and thereby give your company a modern, competitive profile. We will be happy to advise you and together with our technical translators we will provide you with a translation that fits you and your company.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Finnish GermanOpen or Close

    Scandinavia as innovational engine

    Scandinavia stands for innovation and is therefore an important force in Europe. This can be felt both in an economic and in a political context. As well as the most common European languages such as English, Spanish and French, there is an increasing need for translations for the Scandinavian language area. Our translation agency can offer you a large selection of language combinations here. Whether it’s for Finnish-German translations or other Scandinavian languages – our expert technical translators are here to help you. They will translate your company brochures and your email correspondence into Finnish, presenting your company to your business contacts in the best light. Our knowledgeable technical translators work quickly and precisely. An express service is also available on request.

    High quality thanks to native speakers

    The high quality of our translation services derives from the principle of using native speakers; this guarantees you language experts who besides their linguistic skills also have a feel for the cultural customs of the particular country they are dealing with. This means that your Finnish-German translation will not just be correct in substance, it will also be authentic. Every language has its own dynamic which our highly qualified translators will reproduce in every translation they deliver to you.

    Here is a summary of our Finnish-German translation services:
    • Finnish-German translation of PowerPoint presentations and email correspondence
    • Finnish-German translation of business, legal and technical texts
    • Finnish-German translation of advertising copy, brochures, flyers and prospectuses
    • Finnish-German interpreting
    • Translations from other source languages

    Our staff will be happy to advise you with regard to your translation projects, and will always be available to answer queries. With our individual service, we will find the right translator for each of your projects, and we will always keep our eye on your priorities.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
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    Icelandic Translations

    You have business relationships with Iceland and for that reason you need an Icelandic-German translation of an important contract or other confidential documents? You need a technical translation from Icelandic into German or German into Icelandic for person reasons?

    Our experienced and highly qualified technical translators are always happy to take on translations from Germany into Icelandic or from Icelandic into German whether medical, technical or legal, for private correspondence or business contacts.

    In Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen you have found an expert partner for your Icelandic-German translations. Our graduate translators and qualified technical translators will be happy to help you with Icelandic-German translations in a wide range of specialist fields.

    They will also deliver fast and reliable translations into Icelandic from other source languages.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Italian GermanOpen or Close

    Italian – German Translations

    Our consultancy service – individual and uncomplicated

    The Italian culture is often associated with terms such as joie de vivre and enjoyment. Alongside Spain, Italy is considered to be Germans’ favourite destination in Europe. As well as private points of contact, there are numerous business and political connections whether as part of the EU or in the context of bilateral arrangements. Good understanding is a basic prerequisite for success in such dealings.

    You need to have a contract translated into Italian or even an interpreter? We will be glad to advise you without obligation. We attach great importance to quality which we guarantee by applying the principle of using native speakers, and we also offer complete discretion with regard to your documents. Our translators also have considerable experience and are experts in their particular specialist fields. You can also use our Express Service when time is critical. We will use our many years of experience to coordinate your translation projects for you. This will enable you to be understood all round the world.

    Our translation services at a glance:

    • Translation of your technical texts from Italian into German whether business, legal or technical.
    • Translation of your company correspondence, flyers, brochures or your homepage from Italian into German
    • Translation of your private documents from Italian into German with certification
    • Interpreting from Italian into German
    • Translations from other source languages

    Your specialist area is not mentioned? Our experts also translate texts from areas such as construction, biology, foreign trade and architecture. We will be happy to advise you with regard to your individual projects and we will find the right translator for any area.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Japanese GermanOpen or Close

    Japanese – German Translations

    Asia – the market of the future

    Japan has had friendly relations with Germany for a long time and is also a country with a strong export tradition. As well as these similarities, there are also many differences when it comes to the linguistic and cultural styles of both nations. In order to take sufficient account of these differences in private or business dealings, you need experienced translators who can also reflect the context of culture and tradition as well as providing a faithful rendering of the text. The Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen translation agency offers you expert translators with background knowledge of their particular countries for this very purpose. In this way your communication will provide a solid basis for your contacts.

    Our translation services at a glance:

    • Japanese – German translation of your business, legal and technical texts
    • Japanese – German translation of your website
    • Japanese – German translation of your advertising material, flyers and brochures
    • Japanese – German translation of your private and business documents with certification
    • Interpreting Japanese – German
    • Translations from other source languages

    If you too require a translation, we will find the right translator for your demands. Our staff will offer comprehensive advice with no commitment.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Dutch GermanOpen or Close

    Dutch Translations

    Holland – liberal and cosmopolitan

    Holland is one of the five most successful export countries in the world according to WTO analyses. Rotterdam represents Europe’s largest port and is therefore the centrepiece of the national economy. Both politically and economically Holland is always considered to be progressive and liberal. The International Court of Justice in The Hague is also an important stage for international politics and players.

    With us you will always hit the right note

    You too maintain business contacts for which you need a translation from Dutch into German? Our language experts will be happy to assist you and in the process they will bring their knowledge of the country to bear as well as their linguistic skills. This way, all your translations will have a solid linguistic foundation. Our experienced translators are all specialists in their relevant fields. For example, if you need a legal text, it will be delivered by a translator who specialises in law.

    The product portfolio of Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen:

    • Dutch – German translation of your business documents from the worlds of finance, law or technology, to name but a few
    • Dutch – German translation of your website or email correspondence
    • Dutch – Germany translation of your private documents with certification
    • Dutch – Germany translation of your company flyers, brochures or catalogues
    • Translations from other source languages, e.g. French

    We will give you expert advice with regard to your individual translation projects with no commitment on your part. Our staff will always be happy to answer your queries.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Norwegian GermanOpen or Close

    Norwegian Translations

    As Norway considers Germany as one of its most important partners in Europe due to its economic significance as well as for cultural and political reasons, there is a correspondingly intensive economic, political and cultural exchange between Norway and Germany. As well as the embassy which Norway maintains in Berlin along with other Nordic countries, there is also a Norwegian Consulate in Hamburg.

    The diverse bilateral relationships entail a high requirement for technical translations. For this reason, our translation agency has also specialised in this language combination alongside other important languages. For example, we translate for customers who maintain business, political or cultural relationships with partners in large Norwegian towns such as Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Fredrikstad/Scarpsborg as well as in other important municipalities or provinces such as Tromsö, Sandnes, Hordaland, Telemark, Bodö, Nordland, Sandefjord, Vestfold Astfold, Akershus, Rogaland, Arendal, Larvik or Alesund.

    As Norway also maintains well-developed relations with Austria at a cultural level, we are also happy to provide translations for our customers in Austria. The same applies to our customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, countries which work with Norway in trade and business. Norway maintains an embassy in Bern as well as consulates in Zurich, Locarno and Geneva.

    Specialist translators are available in particular for the field of energy supply and not least for the electrical industry as well as hydroelectric and nuclear power stations. We also offer translation of technical texts such as maintenance manuals, framework agreements, operating manuals or instructions for use from the fields of coal-fired power stations, oil and oil production as well as natural gas and natural gas production.

    Our graduate translators for Norwegian also provide translations for you on the subjects of hammer mills, hydroelectric power, water mills and the extraction of electrical energy from water-driven generators. We have the necessary experience in many different language combinations to work in a translating capacity for energy suppliers, drilling platforms as well as many other companies from the field of energy supply, natural gas production, crude oil production, etc.

    As many well-known companies in the software industry are based in Norway, our translation agency can also naturally provide translations of technical texts in the areas of IT, software, anti-virus software, hardware, etc.

    You are an employee in a tourist company and you therefore need translations in the tourist area? In this specialist field, too, our translation agency is your contact for all foreign language matters. As Norway is a popular holiday destination with thousands of tourists coming every year to view nature at its most impressive, it is important that translations on the subject of tourism are provided by translators with the necessary linguistic sensitivity and a feel for stylistic nuances. This will make your company’s Norwegian translations on the subjects, for example, of Hurtigruten, Holmenkollen, the Geirangerfjord, the North Cape and many other tourist attractions, a complete success. Even if you want to draw your German customers’ attention to the many winter sports facilities in Norway and need to have advertising brochures translated from Norwegian into German for that purpose, e.g. on the subject of mountaineering, the Olympic site of Lillehammer or other attractive skiing areas, we can support you in this project with our all-round foreign language service. We can also provide you with specialist translators for translations on the subject of trekking tours.

    Our translation agency is also the ideal point of contact for companies with frequent need of technical translations on the subject of fishing. As Norway is one of the largest fishing nations in the world which exports its products worldwide, there is a huge need here for translations, and our translation agency can supply the relevant translators. Professional translators with many years of experience are of course also available in the fields of shipping, dockyards and ship-building with the result that you can also rely on our foreign language services if your company builds and exports ferries, cruise ships or other kinds of vessels.

    Norway is also a cultural magnet. Many personalities from the world of art and culture come from Norway, for example the authors Henrik Ibsen, Alexander Kielland, Knut Hamsun, Jonas Lie, Amalie Skram or Arne Garborg. Many Norwegian composers also enjoy worldwide renown: Edvard Grieg. Fartein Valen, Johan Svendsen or Geirr Tveitt. Mention should also be made of the famous painter, Edvard Munch.

    Our translation agency therefore also specialises in providing translations from Norwegian into German in the field of culture, literature, art and many other literary areas.

    Our translation agency is your point of contact for Norwegian translations every time a company has a close business relationship with companies in Norway. But we will also be happy to take on the translation of your correspondence into Norwegian if you have private contacts with Norway.

    As Norway borders on Sweden, Finland and Russia, and the Norwegian economic zone also on Denmark and Scotland, there is a high demand for translations for which we can provide you with technically qualified native speakers from our translation agency.

    However, our professional service doesn’t just cover Norwegian. Our experience which stretches back over thirty years, will also benefit you when it comes to the subject of interpreting. You can rely on the expertise of our interpreters for many different types of interpreting: liaison interpreting, whispered interpreting, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, etc. Our translation agency is your reputable and reliable port of call for press conferences, negotiations, video conferences, business meetings, seminars as well as events of any kind, and of course also for symposia, presentations, TV programmes, congresses, and many other technical events where the presence of Norwegian-speaking interpreters is required. Our many years of experience in the field of interpreting have naturally taught us that the standard on such occasions is very high and that is why we also know that nothing must be allowed to go wrong in terms of the foreign language communication. Only the most experienced and most expert interpreters for Norwegian from our agency are therefore used for your congresses, symposia, seminars or conferences.

    And when you have business meetings attended by Norwegian staff or guests, our liaison interpreters for Norwegian can help to ensure a successful outcome to your meeting. Our translation agency guarantees at all times that only those liaison interpreters for Norwegian are used for your project as have the necessary professional and interpreting experience in the particular subject area.

    If you would like more details, simply send us an email or use our online enquiry form. Our project managers will also be happy to give you all the information you need on the phone.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen
  • Translation Russian GermanOpen or Close

    Russian translations

    As an experienced language service provider, we can offer you professional translation for the language combination of Russian into German and vice versa. In doing so, we rely on our years of experience and offer you expert service. Thanks to our network of professional translators, we are able to offer you both language combinations. The modern structure of our network also enables us to offer attractive prices and fast delivery times for your translation in the language combination desired. We work exclusively with experienced technical or graduate translators who have a comprehensive understanding of the Russian language in relation to orthography and grammar, and who in addition have an excellent grasp of Russian culture. We follow the principle of using native speakers.

    The diversity of the various technical areas is very wide these days, and as a result it is a frequent occurrence that texts have to be translated containing specialist technical terminology. Here too we can offer you the best possible, customised solutions. We translate technical texts into or out of Russian professionally and correctly.

    Our expert staff and translators will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about translations.

    Dolmetschen, Fachdolmetschen