Profi Schnelldienst Fachübersetzungen is offering you here an online dictionary which not only contains the usual language pairs for Germany such as German-English, English-German or German-French, French-German but also shows words and expressions in more exotic linguistic directions such as English-Spanish or Spanish-English.

The online dictionary offered by our translation agency is intended to be optimized with your help and to grow continuously in the process. We would be happy to receive new translation suggestions but also if already existing translations from other users were improved upon.Every entry is important for us however small.

Of course we cannot guarantee that the translations in our online dictionary do not contain any mistakes.This is only intended to be a small translation aid. Profi Schnelldienst guarantees that texts entered will not be evaluated or passed to third parties.

Translation technology can help to translate texts into the relevant target language more simply but it is not really suitable for complicated or very technical content and texts. That is why: if you are looking for high-quality translations for your material you are in the best of hands with us.