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Technical translation

A translation is the written transmission of a text from an original language, e.g. French, into a target language, e.g. German. It is important that the text is not simply translated word for word. The translator must have in-depth knowledge of the language and culture of the particular language pair.

As an experienced company that has been operating as one of the best-known language service providers in Germany for over 30 years, we are happy to advise you on and help you with your translation enquiry. We have a large pool of qualified technical translators who have many years of experience in the translation field. In the process we adhere strictly to the mother tongue principle. Every technical translator who works for us translates from a working language into his own mother tongue. This guarantees that the translation is perfect in terms of both language and style. After all as it is his mother tongue, the translator is familiar with the finest shades of meaning in his own language.

We cover a broad range of specialist areas: you can happily turn to us for legal translations (e.g. contracts, legal briefs), technical translations (e.g. operating manuals), press releases or business correspondence. For example if you need an authenticated translation of a marriage certificate from Spanish, one of our certified, mother-tongue translators will be happy to provide it. Your documents will then be recognised without further ado by any official department or public body.

In choosing our technical translators it is particularly important to us that they specialise in a few selected technical areas. This has the benefit that they do not merely have superficial command of the subject but in-depth knowledge. A translator who specialises in law is therefore not only familiar with legal jargon but also with the legislation pertaining to a particular country. It is also crucial, for example, for medical translators to be highly specialised as the documents to be translated are often medical reports which are vitally important to the patient.