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As a translation agency for specialist scientific texts from a wide range of subject areas, we and our language experts are a sought-after and reliable contact in Darmstadt and the surrounding area. After all, Darmstadt is considered a “city of science”: in addition to the Technical University, there are a further thirty research establishments and institutes.

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Translating scientific texts requires in-depth specialist knowledge on the part of the translator. Very specific topics are often dealt with in complex scientific language, for example in the context of analyses of research series or in the context of studies and investigations. The translations of these technical texts are usually the starting point for further investigations or studies and are cited by other researchers and scientists.
Therefore, within the framework of our project management, special emphasis is placed on the selection of the optimally suited specialist translator.

We would be happy to take on these and similar projects for you:

Swedish-German power plant engineering translation, Italian-German pharmaceuticals, Japanese-German aerospace engineering, English technical translation telecommunications, annual reports, German-Dutch technical translation. Our translation agency provides IT translations for companies and organisations based in Darmstadt and the surrounding area.
Our native-speaking experts are available in all languages and for translating documents from a wide range of subject areas, such as satellite technology. Our range of services also includes German-Spanish technical translations in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and process engineering.
In the course of our long company history, we have specialised in the production of specialist medical translations, among other things: medical translation with certification, translating package inserts into Norwegian, translating patent texts from German into English, Norwegian-French technical text translation of laboratory reports, German-Spanish cosmetics translator. Darmstadt has a large number of town twinning arrangements worldwide, an indicator of the internationality and cosmopolitanism of the city of science. For example, there is a town twinning with Trondheim in Norway. Our interpreting agency provides the appropriate professional interpreters for all related events, as well as for international congresses and conferences in general:
• Simultaneous interpreters
• Consecutive interpreters
• Conference interpreters
Our language experts are the ideal contact for foreign language services for a wide range of organisations, authorities and companies in Darmstadt and surrounding regions and industrial estates: Messel, Darmstadt-Mitte, Groß-Zimmern, Darmstadt-Nord, Ober-Ramstadt, Johannesviertel, Mühltal, Martinsviertel-Ost, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Martinsviertel-West, Pfungstadt, Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Griesheim, Darmstadt-Wixhausen